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Video TS Format

In our daily intercourse, we may easily see the word "TS" in conversion tool field, such as MPEG-2 TS Video, HD .TS Video, Video_TS, Audio_TS, TS, M2TS, MTS, etc. Can you identify them? What's your TS Format?

Format for digital camcorder:

Generally speaking, the MPEG-2 TS or shortly TS is one of the popular video file format specially for some digital camcorder. M2TS or MTS is a Sony high definition video file type. M2TS files are raw AVCHD videos recorded mainly by Sony's camcorders. There still are some video format for digital camcorder, such as tr, tp, etc.

With the HD Video Converter, we can easily convert MPEG-2 TS Video files ,HD .TS Video files , *.TS files, *.M2TS files , *.MTS files to other popular format. so that we can enjoy them on iPod, iPhone, Mp4, Mp3, and other popular players. Free Download for Trial

Convert Video to HD .TS video
Here, the HD .TS Video is just one of the HD Video which includes HD AVI, HD H264, HD MPEG-2 Video and so on.

DVD Folder : Video_TS & Audio_TS

When we copy the DVD to our PC, there will be two folders: one is Video_TS and the other is Audio_TS. The files on these two folder usually can't be played.

Aiseesoft DVD Ripper is an excellent DVD Folder Converter which can load the all files in DVD Folder ( Video_TS , Audio_TS) and convert the DVD Folder to all popular format and even we can extract audio from the *.VOB ( in Video_TS folder).

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